Apple iPhone 8 — Launching in September 2017

iPhone 8

We all are expecting iPhone 7 next month, but apple is planning to launch a game changer iPhone 8 that gave consumers good reasons to wait until 2017 for the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 8 new features:

  • Damage-resistant glass face or back or a full glass handset
  • OLED display flexible OLED display
  • Larger display iphone 8 will have 5.8″ display compared to 5.5″ on iphone 6 plus
  • Replace physical buttons with digital virtual buttons
  • Edge to Edge or fully curved display notification will appear on the edge and virtual switches will work with just touch
  • Every  face interactive possibly “all-glass” model in which every face is interactive e.g if music is playing, edges will show track information or if camera is open edges will display camera options. Apple already have its patent.
  • Printed or painted masks print high-resolution images directly onto the smooth surface of its damage-resistant glass e.g instead of volume button there will be a printed image on the glass edge that will function seamlessly with touch
  • Glass Integrated Touch ID fingerprint seems fimiliar but it isnt. With iphone 8 you don’t need to put your finger on certain button to unlock your phone. You just need to hold your phone in your hand and it will recognize you because it will be full glass mobile.
  • Facial recognition and iris scanner for better security iris scanner will be part of iphone 8
  • 256GB storage iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 both will be available with 256GB storage
  • Wireless charging finally iphone 8 will have wireless charging features


iPhone 8 release date

September 2017


In short, the iPhone 8 will be launching in 2017 with major overhaul in design i.e “all-glass” upgrade so there will be no metal and no sharp edges on its 10th birthday. The Apple’s iphone 8 will attract lots of buyer but what will happen in 2017? People will buy Samsung S7 or Samsung Note 7 or will they be waiting for another year?